Joe Meder _ Iowa Taxidermy and Taxidermy Class Instruction

At Joe Meder's taxidermy school, We well expand on your natural ability to help you reach your full potential whether you are a beginer or an advanced competitor. During the class you will learn our proven world champion techniques used in mounting , coupled with high quality anatomical references, and our philosophy in how to properly use those references. You will have daily contact in our on site research facility with the live deer that are so crucial to producing the "live animal" look in a finished mount. All this is incorporated into five days of intensive hands-on taxidermy instruction, individualized to meet your specific needs. That's why the class size is limited to no more than three at one time. The students that have taken this class have won major competitions in Whitetails and Game Head categories, including national and world titles. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the class.

Everyone strives to get better each year. This one week of instruction will quite possibly teach you more than you could learn on your own over many years of doing taxidermy. Just ask our former students:

What former students are saying?

"I have currently been in business as a taxidermist for 9 years. I attended numerous classes and seminars, but never could accomplish what I needed.  With my research on the internet and through word of mouth it seemed that I always kept going back to Joe Meder's Game Head course.  With Joe's knowledge and the studying of live deer onsite, he helped me to accelerate my work to a whole new level.

There is no doubt that the money that I spent on Joe's course was the best investment in my taxidermy career!  Not only did it give me the tools and knowledge I needed, but it also gave me the confidence to reach my goals and grow in this ever-changing industry."

Ben Mitchell, Blue Ribbon Winner, Louisiana Show.

"By far the best money I've ever spent. I have seasoned taxidermists ask
me how I get such realistic and soft eye color.  I then tell them to take
Joe Meder's Game Head Course."  Brian Reinertson, Blue Ribbon Winner, ITA Show.





*Joe Meder's gamehead school represents a very unique opportunity to study under one of the top world recognized experts in the taxidermy field.

*Joe has 40 years of experience teaching taxidermy

*34 years of raising whitetail deer gives Joe a unique insight into anatomy, as well as habits and expressions that few have been able to duplicate.

*Students who take Joe's taxidermy classes range from beginners. who have never done taxidermy, to world and national champions tuning up their skills.

*Joe's class never has more than three students, so instruction is personalized to meet your specific level of expertise, whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

*Each student will take home the gamehead that they have mounted during the one week school.

*Registration for class is on a first come first served basis.

*Joe has taught many of the leaders in the taxidermy industry today.  The list of former students reads like the Who's Who of the axidermy industry.


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